About The Beach Lab

Welcome to The Beach Lab, a Fab(ulous) Lab(oratory) for research and development in digital fabrication and synthetic biology participant in a global network of interconnected Labs. Fab Labs began in India in 2001, as an outreach social innovation project from MIT’s Center for Bits and Atoms and since then they have spread over the world, doubling faster than Moore's Law.

The Beach Lab developed a new concept of mobile fab lab by combining the most advanced digital fabrication tools and the most extreme off-road vehicle, to deliver digital fabrication in the most remote regions and severe conditions. Structural engineering and seismic design techniques have been applied to design a lightweight cubic structure, The Tesseract, incorporating bleeding edge technology for on-the-go prototyping. A foldable masterpiece with the ability to seamlessly transform from mobile to fixed laboratory, giving the flexibility to deploy educational programs and workshops when required, optimizing the resources when they are not needed.

The Beach Lab is one of the Supernodes participant in MIT’s CBA based educational programs, providing access to Fab Academy HTMAA (How to make almost anything) and Bio Academy HTGAA (How to grow almost anything) courses from Sitges (Barcelona). Our passion is accepting global impact innovative challenges related to our marine environment, like project Scylla. And our ultimate goal is helping local communities to develop a self-sustainable future through collaborative innovation.

News from the Beach

Real Time Telemetry

Real-Time telemetry data will be shown here: bearing, speed, power consumption, and other data extracted from the ODBII bus.


Cool Projects

These are some of the skills you will learn when you take the worldwide version of MIT's How to Make (Almost) Anything named Fab Academy. Directed and taught by Neil Gershenfeld and globally broadcasted live from Boston. Awake the inventor in you!

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Tales from the Beach

Our blog is comming back soon here. (Actually I wrote that one year ago)

Planet Earth is our Legacy

It's not about the rewards. It's not about the punishments either. This is all abouth the consequences. The Beach Lab is a US Green Buiding Council member and the first digital fabrication space in the world registered under the LEED Green Building rating program to pursue LEED certification. Digital fabrication is used to monitor and control energy, water comsumption and waste providing real time and long term open data. So you wanted anyway.

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